Horizontal Planes & Vertical Boxes

Designed by BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors, the guestrooms juxtaposed against the horizontal architectural elements as vertical cubes echo with the prominent features in the interior design of Conference Lodge and the unobstructed 180-degree views of the sea. The clear and translucent interior allows the airiness of the open sea to rush all over our honorable guest with the most refreshing sensation.

Sculptural Lines & Contemporary Hospitality

Conference Lodge is designed in a refined standard that every detail of it is made to be welcoming. Right inside Conference Lodge, the linear layers are coming together to visually align the interior and exterior with the conceptualized soothing ocean waves and flowing water. The open areas in Conference Lodge are often cheerfully illuminated by the natural light through the massive glass ceiling and picture windows whereas the private spaces and reception areas decorated amiably to accommodate any needs of the guests. The heavenly tranquil setting is all here at Conference Lodge to facilitate the cooperation and collaboration between scholars around the globe.